Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Treasure Within

My purpose is to enlighten your way,
To guide you with spiritual wisdom and encourage you to pray.
Take back what the devil has stolen from you,
And trust that Gods’ word will see you through.
I am a woman, who loves truth and hate sin,
Understanding ones needs, from the treasure within.

Empowered, by the grace of my Lord,
I learned to balance things in life; because it had become hard.
Just knowing that we can depend on His Holy word,
Success will follow our endeavors and our voices will be heard.
I am a trustworthy woman, one who’s born again,
Sharing my time and talents, from the treasure within.

Accept life’s journeys, one day at a time,
Leave your cares and worries to our Lord, the Divine.
Embrace one another and fill your heart with peace,
While bonding in the mist of pain, all fears will cease.
I’m a woman inspired, to encourage you to win,
Guiding you with courage, from the treasure within.

What’s your first impression of someone like me?
What do you acknowledge, what do you see?
Look deeper that the eyes reveal,
For my heart is equipped with virtuous zeal.
I am a woman, who is a committed friend,
Emitting love, from THE TREASURE WITHIN

By:  Carolyn L. Miller

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