Monday, August 13, 2012

And Still I Rise

I am a woman

I’m a woman of royal distinction,
Created with God’s love and beauty.
He protects me with His goodness and grace,
And I have vowed to Him my loyal duty.
I am rising

I am a woman

I’m a woman filled with spiritual wisdom,
I have risen from the chains that bound me,
I am diligent, strong and trustworthy,
As I grow into what God wants me to be.
I’m still rising

I am a woman

I’m a woman, who holds life in balance,
My life is not my own,
“Use me oh Lord as I endeavor,”
As I pray to make heaven my eternal home.
And Still I rise

I am a woman

I rise above the highest mount, on hind’s feet guided by Him,
I rise above the sparkling stars that shine ever so bright,
For I have been chosen, called out of darkness,
Into His marvelous light.

Carolyn L. Miller
June 4, 2012


  1. An enjoyable piece; it seems that too many Christians fail to find their "Identity in Christ"; wonderfully written.

    -Joe Breunig
    Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

    P.S. As a suggestion, you may want to start including Scriptural references from The Word.

  2. Thanks Joe, it's always good to know when someone enjoys my work which is written for the glorification of God. Under topics, check out the poem, "Survivor".