Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Living Water

Loyal, Women of Royal Distinction

With your eyes you have witnessed, the Glory of the Lord,
You have sought out what is known to be good and true,
Allowing your inner self to glow,
Displaying the gentle spirit in you and you and you.

Committed, Women of Royal Distinction

Your beliefs are in a Living God,
A God of love and Holy bliss,
A God who will lead you to His throne,
A God who will lead you to righteousness.

Empowered, Women of Royal Distinction

May your souls always say; yes,
To sharing God’s word,
To those that you know and to one’s you haven’t met,
And with the Christ given authority,
May you teach the ones who don’t know Him yet; soon but, not yet.

Diligent, Women of Royal Distinction

And I quote:
You have held up your bibles,
And you are who it says you are,
You do,
What it tells you to do,
And you live,
The way it tells you to live.

Courageous, Women of Royal Distinction

Because of your thirst, you have drunk,
His Living Water,
You have accepted eternal life,
And now His word is within you,
To share with every son and every daughter.

Praying, Women of Royal Distinction

The Living Water of which I speak,
He offers to all even the mild and meek,
And who ever decides to drink from the Lamb,
Is now a child of the great, “I Am”,
You’ll thirst no more for your lips are still wet,
Remember well, He’s not done with you yet, not yet.

Carolyn L. Miller                        Words Inspired by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
June 3, 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Mother's Love

A Mother’s Love

Oh, come all ye mothers,
And listen to this,
For your love is contagious,
Emitting a heavenly bliss.

A Mother’s love begins,
Before the day she gives birth,
A bond is formed into,
The greatest love on earth.

Mother’s teach us about Godly ways,
Her patience is never ending and her love a constant flow,
She comforts us through our challenges,
While giving us the freedom to grow.

When I look upon her glorious face,
I see love and beauty,
A picture of grace,
When the pressures of life,
Are weighing me down,
I am lifted by a praying mom,
I’m made to feel safe and sound.

Here me, oh precious mothers,
When I’ve felt lost and didn’t know where to turn,
I would remember you dear mother,
And the love I didn’t have to earn.
I knew as long as I gave you honor,
As the good book says,
That my life would be long,
Beyond my days.

Thank you dear mothers for being,
The obedient and brave soldier you’ve been,
Guiding and helping others,
Always being a trusted friend.

Your eyes have witnessed,
What your heart has embraced,
With your gentle hands pressed firmly,
You have prayed for me with grace.

Dear mother, wife, grandmother and friend,
Your love has existed, since the world began,
Because of your faith,
And your love for the Lord,
Your children have learned to always trust God.

The lessons you’ve taught,
 And the lessons I’ve learned; to this very day,
Will forever be embraced,
In my heart, “come what may”.

Written By:  Carolyn L. Miller
Guided by the grace and love of our Savior and Lord