Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Foster Care

Foster Care

Early one Sunday morning
I couldn’t forget if I tried,
Father left me abandoned,
And my precious mother had died.

It wasn’t easy for me to perceive,
What happened on this day,
Because I was taken from my beautiful home,
And silently rushed away.

Strange was the scene that I encountered,
As I walked anxiously through the door,
Of a house filled with staring faces,
None I’ve ever met before.

Each child that lived in this Foster Care,
Were patiently waiting for a home,
They all had different cases, you see,
But as for me,
My fate was truly unknown.

Some of the children suffered,
 From abuse or neglect,
But I held strong to my faith,
And prayed, God please protect.

Please send to me Lord,
A loving and caring mother,
And a man that I can love and respect,
Someone I can call, father.

Meanwhile, the family that I’m with,
Has planted all the seeds,
To redirect my path in life,
Through their unconditional love of my needs.

So while waiting for that blessed day,
I was finally told,
We’ve found a family just for you
And we think they might,
Adopt you too.

My heart was racing,
I couldn’t hold still,
Have my prayers been answered?
Is this God’s will?

It looks like my family has always been,
The home that I’ve been living in.
The selfless love, the respect for one another,
The family who I now call my sister, my brother.

We formed a bond,
And there was sacrifice,
Knowing I couldn’t return home,
They redirected my life.

They gave me shelter and nourishment,
Thank God I’m finally there,
In a home built from teamwork,
My home is Foster Care.

By Carolyn L. Miller
May 17, 2011

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