Monday, April 4, 2011

The Vine

One day while deep in thought on my backyard patio,
Wondering why is life so full of things I’ve yet to know,
Life can be tough, with so many choices,
Knowing that in this world, there are too many voices.
I decided to listen to my own and to that of the Lord,
Make my choice wisely, and not leave a void,
So I listened to my own and to that of the Lord,
I needed the guidance, because life had become hard.

I soon focused on things that surrounded me,
Because they were natural, green and pure,
I spotted a bee, flying low and carefree,
And the wind blowing gently, dividing the leaves in a tree.

The fig and the plum tree stood rooted,
Steadfast to the ground,
Standing tall and not moving,
Their foundation was sound.

Then I noticed a vine,
On the wall of my yard,
And I remembered my first sight of its journey-
Yes, from the start.

It started to grow long and straight, to begin,
There were two of them,
Traveling side by side,
The vine had a friend.

They traveled in curves and circles,
Not too many words were said,
No matter how long or distant they became,
They would always meet head to head.

Through their journey,
They would meet other vines,
And become entangled while in route,
But would soon escape to grow another sprout,

One continued to grow, and the other was left behind,
Not knowing where to turn, it would soon become blind,
Their bond was broken- they were no longer friends,
The vine that continued knew that one day it would end.

Like the vine, we grow,
A little each day,
Where our journeys take us, it's hard to say,
Because of the choices that we made in life long ago,
It'll determine who we are today and where we're gonna go.

Carolyn L. Miller
    June 24, 2003

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