Monday, April 4, 2011

I Am A Woman

Giving my all, teaching others what I know,
Showing love when it’s needed,
Bearing children and watching them grow,
Giving up life’s pleasures to do a good deed,
For, I am a woman.

Trusting in friends,
Opening up my heart,
Only to find out,
They weren’t real friends from the start,
For, I am a woman.

Facing trials and tribulations,
Wondering how to start the day,
Then remembering to thank God,
Now what exactly should I say?
For, I am a woman.

God, you created me from Adam’s rib, this I’m sure,
But I think and I wonder,
Why all the troubles I have to endure?
I’m gracious, Lord don’t get me wrong,
I’m sure you’ve heard these prayers before,
But we all have troubles,
Some, even more,
For, I am a woman.

Live with dignity and honor, and not with shame,
Possess goodness and kindness and gratitude each day,
If these things aren’t inside me, then who’s to blame,
For these qualities will strengthen me, come what may,
For, I am a woman.

Grace and beauty and wearing the best clothes,
Do not make me a woman, everyone knows,
I’ll reach deep inside for what’s been hidden for years,
And yes, if I must, I will shed a few tears,
For, I am a woman.

Build up your strength, your love, your hope,
Don’t close the doors- don’t rock the boat,
With these things within, you certainly can’t fail,
Indeed for you, life will surely prevail,
For, we are all God’s women.

By:  Carolyn L. Miller

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