Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why A Hug?

I need a hug,
When I’m feeling sad,
      And also when, I’m feeling bad,
That’s when I need a hug.

Give me a hug,
             When I’m in pain, a hug is what I need,
 A simple hug will ease the pain,
And make it better again.
Come hug me, will you please.

I want a hug,
   When I’m feeling weak,
To give me strength,
When I’m at my peak,
       Oh! How much I want a hug.

I’d love a hug,
For reassurance,
To lift my spirits,
And promote endurance,
I’d love to have a hug.

Oh! Hug me,
   When I’m filled with glee,
Because even when,
I’m feeling good,
         The time is right for you and me,
     Oh! Hug me, hug me; hug me.

Just hug me,
For no reason why,
And I’ll hug you back,
         Now please don’t cry, oh me oh my,
     For the sake of love, just hug me.

By:  Carolyn L. Miller
March 2003

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