Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zahra (Little Girl Lost)

Alone at night,
In a house of sin and doubt,
Knock, knock, knock,
Who will let me out?

My bruises are visible,
But no one can see,
The abuse that I suffered,
And the cruelty.

With a smile in my heart,
And a smile on my face,
I could never find love,
In this evil place.

I use to run, skip and play,
Until love refused to come my way,
Cancer took my leg and I refused to die,
A smile would brighten my face so that I wouldn’t cry.

My prosthetic leg,
Gave me cheer and hope,
But my tormentors proclaimed,
That it was only a joke.

Deprived and starved,
Of the love I deserved,
I am now just a memory,
In heaven, whole and preserved.

Where were my rescuers’?
Was I in disguise?
When they turned away,
From the proof in my eyes.

I can now walk and hear,
In Gods’ tender embrace,
Here where His love sustains,
But on earth it drifts away,
I no longer have to suffer,
With others evil selfish pride,
Because, before I had a chance to live,
I died.                                                                         

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