Sunday, December 12, 2010

If My Dog Could Talk

If my dog could talk, what would he say?
Would he bid me farewell, as I leave for the day?
Would he say, "thank you", when I give him a bone?
Or cry when I'm too busy to play and when I leave him alone.
Will he run and meet me, and lick my face?
Then ask me to pet his head, while standing patiently in place.

Will he go fetch his ball and ask me to play?
And ask with a bark, "master, how was your day?"
Will he say how much he misses me? When I'm not around,
Then show me the spot where he buried his bone in the ground.

Oh! How wonderful if my dog could express how he feels,
Then we'd know when he's sick, we'd know when he's ill.
We could tell him that we love him; He would love to hear that,
Then we could hear our dog's reply, barking loudly, "I LOVE YOU BACK."

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