Tuesday, December 14, 2010

After The Storm Katrina

A storm was brewing in the open sea,
It could not choose its path,
The eye was headed inland,
Where precious lives await its wrath.
Evacuation was a must,
But all could not comply,
As they settled in to brace themselves,
For a catastrophic hurricane rated category five.

The howling winds were fierce and strong,
Many sought refuge at the Superdome,
As their lives were changed that merciless day,
And the numbers of deaths are still unknown.

After the storm people waited for help,
As they covered the bodies of those deceased,
And while the media covered results from the storm,
Our loved ones hunger and thirst increased.

Many searched for food and something to drink,
Because survival to them was all that made sense,
Their pain and suffering was quiet obvious,
As the nation watched in awe from this.

Tales of rape and murder were happening all around,
“We need help, we need help,” was the chant that we all heard,
Where were the troops or National Guard?
They needed FEMA Lord, this was absurd.

Hey U S of A, what can you say?
When the black and the poor are drained of all that they feel,
What can you say when you categorize the looters from the survivors,
And when the military finally arrived, their orders were, SHOOT TO KILL?

America, America my country where were you?
We’re tired and we’re dirty and our children are dying too.
Where were you when we needed food and shelter from the sun?
You ran away to our dismay, afraid of a sniper’s gun.

And finally, when help arrived,
The loss of lives were great,
For some a happy ending but for others,
It’s too little and too late.

But let’s not forget He who sits high and looks low.

Our precious Lord was with you,
When your strength was sinking low,
And you thought you were deserted,
When He prayed with you and laid with you and lifted you and carried you,
Then said to you, “My children, now it’s time to go.”

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