Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rejection to Perfection

Run, run little girl,
How far can you run away?
With a life that’s full of fear,
You forgot how to pray,
Uncover your emotional head,
Look at what’s around you,
Discover a world of love,
Walk in the morning dew,
Get ready to be awakened,
Even though your heart is breaking,
Open the door to your mind,
Walk ahead, don’t lag behind,
There is beauty in your heart,
Love is your reward,
Don’t be afraid,
Raise your head,
Believe in yourself,
Like everyone else,
Recognize the enemy that portrays rejection,
Allow the Lord to ignite perfection,
Keep running little girl,
Don’t stumble or fall,
At the end of your journey,
You shall have it all,
The pain will be gone
There’s nothing to fear,
No more anger or guilt,
There’s pride in your step as you move from the rear,
Praise God for your courage,
With a burst of renewed faith,
Praise Him for high self-esteem,
That was well worth the wait,
From paralysis to walking,
Blind, but now can see,
Release all of your burdens,
For a closer walk with Thee.                     

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