Thursday, December 16, 2010

Remember When

Back in the day, when life was young,
Chasing butterflies, singing the same song,
Taking long walks or riding a bike down the street,
Summer rain would warm my heart, while each drop
On my tongue was ever so sweet.

Seizing dragonflies and examining their wings,
Or just laying on the grass looking for clovers and things, oh the pleasure it brings,
With the beauty of Gods nature and the suns warmth from the sky,
In my heart I felt, I just knew I could fly.

Lying in bed with a good book of mine,
The smell of dinner, what happened to the time?
Lazy, summer stormy nights, with thunder and lightening,
The lights would go out, it became dark and frightening.

Trying to stay young in spirit today,
Is only a state of mind, only a breath away.
Simple things has always been a part of me,
On inner beauty I’ve survived, because what you get,
Is not always what you see.

Growing up and maturing, my has life changed, as it seems,
Dressing up in mother’s clothes and displaying her rings,
Bumper cars and cotton candy and fun at the fair,
Riding merry-go-rounds, tossing balls for a stuffed bear,
I got rid of the ribbons and cut my hair.

I journeyed away from things of the world,
And ventured into a more serious and curious girl,
I stopped playing jacks and climbing up trees,
And running to mom with scrapes on my knees.

I began to search,
Deep within myself,
And to allow someone else to love me,
I took my heart off the shelf.

I met someone and fell in love; it was a first for me in life,
I knew here and now that I would not go through this twice,
He seemed nice.
While still very young,
He was the singing in my song.
He was the sun, the moon, the stars in the sky,
He was forever mine,
No need for questions, why?

He was the boy that I would wed,
He was the water that I thirst,
For you see the day I met him,
We were only in grade, first.

Yes, the boy that I knew then,
And the man that I know now,
Is still a part of me today,
And we shared that sacred vow.

The days of dragonflies and butterflies are long gone,                                      
Yet the memories still live on and on,
But for you and me my dear, my dear,
Our love was triumphant throughout the years.             
And now we’re here, forever here.

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