Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Life of a Mosquito

Flying low and seeking prey is a total must,
We love to hum a buzz around,
To watch the humans swat at us,
While ducking for the ground.

Late at night when all have dozed quietly off to sleep,
We buzz and hum near the ear of some poor man in bed,
He begins to stir and fan the air, and then anger builds,
His sleep won’t keep,
With ears alert, he listens while we bite him on the head.

Hiding on the ceiling in a corner near the victim’s bed,
We wait until he settles down before we make our move,
He motions to flick on the lights and not go to bed instead,
And so we wait and catch our breath in our silent little groove.

Oh! The life of a mosquito is often gratifying,
When the nourishment is so easily obtained,
Oh! The life of a mosquito is often satisfying,
Seeking victims and knowing that we can cause them pain.

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