Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Man of many Hats

Plan your work and work your plan.
            Hat of a Christian
When Cowboy’s parents’ introduced him,
To our Lord and Savior,
He learned that throughout his life,
He was loved; forever in God’s favor.

Hat of a Son
There came a blossoming of dedication, faith, love and hope,
From the love that grew within this man,
He soon became secure enough,
To plan his work and work his plan.

Hat of a Husband
Cowboy knew that the head of every man,
Was his Father and Savior; Jesus Christ,
And the head of every woman is the man,
Cowboy dedicated himself to his sweet Laura Virginia,
He honored her by listening, when she would give advice.

Hat of a Friend
This hat is a rare gift, always faithful and true,
When you need someone, whom you can depend,
With a smile as big as his heart would allow,
Cowboy opened the door to all as a friend.

Hat of a Father
Loving and giving, caring and sharing
Cowboy was a special man when it came to family,
His bond was strong and enduring as he shared his life of protector and provider,
You could count on him to always be a man who gave unselfishly.

Hat of a Cowboy
Some cowboy’s tales are left untold,
Some live forever; instead,
To remind us of sweet memories, of a life we all once knew,
“Happy Trails to You”, is all that’s said.

            By:  Carolyn L. Miller     06-05-09

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