Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cowboys' Farewell

   My soul says yes, yes, yes
          This is God’s will and I am blessed
          If not for my heavenly father up above
          If not for my husband,
          My friend, my soul mate and my devoted love
          I would not be the strong black woman that I’ve become
          We ran a powerful race and the race was won.

          Cowboy, you had a unique way of calling my name
          The sound of your sweet voice, I shall never forget
          “Pudding I need you”, is what you would say
          When your needs weren’t being met
          “Laura Virginia”, you’d call to me,  
           And you would gently kiss my neck.

          You taught me how to fight
          When you knew how much I wanted to win
          You wouldn’t let me quit, and my heart went out to you then
          “Honey”, you would say “you’re a fighter not a quitter”
          You were always true to me, you never tried to pretend
          Our marriage was blessed from heaven above
          Our experience was a spiritual love.

          You said to, “Plan our work and work our plan”,
          That’s when I knew you were an awesome man
          You never failed me, you always came through
          And then you asked me
          This one thing to do

          I will do for you
          I will do for you, Cowboy
          I will do for you
          “I Won’t Complain”

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