Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Goodbye "Honey"

Thank you God for giving me back,
My “honey” when he needed me the most,
His love for me, I’ll never forget,
Nor the trip to “NOWHERE” when we would get lost.

Thank you for the man I adored,
That I referred to as my “honey”,
The beautiful flowers that he gave me each day,
           Made my day bright and sunny.

Honey, I imagine,
You’re with the angels above,
And once again you’re spreading your love,
I also imagine, to the angels you bring,
Your love and kindness as you spread your wings.

Honey, I imagine,
Angels surrounding you to welcome you there,
As they open their wings wide,
They acknowledge your courage and all of your strength,
And embrace you with pride.

Honey, I imagine,
The angels awed at your patience and your undying faith
          As they each took turns touching your glowing face,
They knew that you had much love for Christ,
As they showered you with God’s heavenly grace.

Honey, I imagine,
Each angel greeted you with care,
Because they met no stranger there,
One kissed your cheek for your kind ways,
The other for your worked filled days,
And then an angel took your hand,
And whispered softly in your ear,
“You’ve made it home Emmett, you’re finally here.”

Honey, I imagine,
You whispered back to them,

My heart is no longer troubled,
And I also love the Lord,
So take me to the mansion,
That my Master has prepared.

By:  Carolyn L. Miller

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