Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Night I Prayed

Last night I prayed,
For all of my friends,
Even though they are few,                                                                            
For their health and well-being,
I prayed for their happiness too.
I prayed for you.

Last night I prayed,
For the family that I love,
Because we honor and glorify and praise the same God,
And to trust God, during trials, that their suffering won’t last,
I prayed for you, for you I fast.

Last night I prayed,
For the children of the world,
For each precious boy and each wonderful girl,
To be granted a spirit of love and generosity,
With a mind that is clear,
And a heart that is pure,
With arms opened wide to embrace the world courageously,
I prayed for you, graciously.

Last night I prayed,
For my soul mate in life,
To thank God for granting,
My prayers as his wife,
My sunshine, my light,
I prayed for you last night.

Last night I prayed,
For my church,
For the members who pray for a blessing indeed,
And for the enlarging of our territory to succeed,
To put joy in every heart,
And from our faith we shall not part,
I prayed for us to God.

Last night I prayed,
For love and peace,
For wars to cease,
For good to win,
To be rid of sin,
For hate to lose,
Last night I prayed, it’s time to choose.

Last night I prayed,
Just, because.

By:  Carolyn L. Miller
August 2003

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