Monday, January 3, 2011

Brick by Brick

When a
        When a ferocious storm has swept away
   All that you’ve cherished,
And there’s nothing left,
 Of what you’ve once possessed.

      When you’ve been taken by surprise,
 And all your doubts and fears,
  Have been blown in your face for you to face,
And your eyes are blurred from all the tears.

When all in one day, you’ve lost many years,
 All of your hopes and dreams,
And the shattered pieces are slowly drifting,
Never to return, so it seems.

Time is suppose to be a great healer,
But time is running out,
It has the movements of a clock,
You can only move it forward,
As it go, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

What do you do to rebuild lost love?
How do you regain your hope and faith?
But most of all, what about trust?
When some memories were bad,
 And some were great.

When you were young you learned of Him,
And where to always put your trust,
To lean on Him and to allow Him,
To take your burdens, if you must,
 And you must.

He already knows what you can bear,
He looks down on you, and you can feel,
That He’s there, because He’s there.

He will wash away all your tears,
And take away those dreadful fears.
His way is love and to forgive,
His love is forever and His ways are to heal,

So in your storm and time of conflict,
Take His hand and start to rebuild,
Brick by brick,
Day by day,
Brick by brick.

August 2004
Carolyn L. Miller

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