Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Holy New Years

All y
All you Christian soldiers gather round as you leave 2010,
If your struggles led to failures and you don’t know where to begin,
A new year is waiting with a one way ticket to heaven,
Guiding you faithfully into 2011.

H-Hope is what the New Year brings, when you put your trust in God.

A-Able is your Savior when you’ve failed at what you start.

P-Patience is what you need when you’re planning a new goal.

P-Peace should reside in you because nothing but the blood will calm your soul.

Y-The yoke of Christ is easy; leave your burdens in the past.

N-Nearer is your Lord to you as you walk in the newness of life, loving your neighbors as you pray, tithe and

E-Evaluate your lives Christians and with His Word fill your cup.

W-Wait I say, wait on the Lord and never ever give up.

Y-Yearn for His Holiness and put God first in all that you do.

E-Everyday my Christian friends all things will be possible unto you.

A-All it takes is prayer my friends, then reap the joy that prayer brings.

R-Remember what you’ve always known, and that is, “ Prayer Changes Things”.

S-So if you want a new beginning and your voice is faintly heard, stop and listen Christian soldiers, and harken to His Word.

By:  Carolyn L. Miller

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