Thursday, December 16, 2010


Strength-Like a dream I’m drifting toward my darkest hour,
But in my hands I hold no power; I’m just a flower,
He tells me to be of good courage and to wait,
For He shall strengthen my heart, I am strong in my faith.
Ps. 27:14

Understanding-Don’t know how much my soul can bear,
But I know He carries me when my footsteps are not there,
I pray for understanding according to His word,
It gives me a peace of mind knowing my voice was heard.
Ps. 119:169

Rejoice-I rejoice in the knowledge that I no longer have fear,
When my body is strickened, wounded or smeared,
My help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth,
I sing praises to Him and thank Him for my birth.   
Ps. 124:8

Vessel-I am not all that I ought to be, for God is not done with me yet,
His precious love fills me each day, a presence I won’t forget,
If my body, His vessel, suffers for the sake of His name,
I will lift my hands to heaven, praising Him with no shame.
Acts 9:15-16

Infirmity-I stretch my hands to my Father above,
Who filled me with kindness, peace and love,
He has taken my infirmities and my sickness to bare,
He touched me, now I know that He cares.    Matt. 8:17

Victory-Born into a world of sin,
My life was changed, I’m born again,
Born of God, the world I overcame,
Sweet victory through faith, I’m no longer the same. 
 I John 5:4

Open-My soul is joyous and bursting with praise,
He has opened my eyes; He has lengthened my days,
I see wonderful, marvelous works in my sight,
The Lord is good for His light shines bright.   
Ps. 119:18

Regeneration-Not by our righteousness, are we saved, or the work that we’ve done,
But only by His mercy; by the washing of regeneration,
Our Savior generously gave His life; we are healed by His stripes,
With hope of inheriting eternal life, we won’t give up the fight.
Titus 3:5, 8

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